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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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boarding up- the barricades are outside the zellerback center-- and extra uc cops are on's all done with the hope* that tonight's planned protest stays non-violent...but with the reality that few protests have been before. dan mogulof/uc berkeley "the univ has gone to extraordinary length and unprecendented and successful." that event, is conservative host ben shapiro.... and while he spoke here last year with no fanfare, tonight, a group of self proclaimed non-violent anti- facsists has organized a protest outside the police peremeter. raphael kadaris/protest organizer "students and comm members have a right ....the alt right people prowling our campus ...let them attack us either." the group wouldn't, however, condemn vilence on behalf of protesters. instead, they worry abut berkely police and their new approval of pepper spray use- even though it will only be uc cops handling the event. uc berkeley police say they won't use it as a crowd control tactic but say they say they have a plan they've honed out of unfortunate experience. chief margo bennett/ucpd, berkeley "we have lessons learned .... want to have happen today" ã ã thanks, emily. a few hours ago:
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milo yiannopoulos posted this message to shapiro on facebook: "best of luck to my left-wing warm-up act tonight at uc berkeley." the conservative firebrand will be at cal later this month.. for what's being billed as "free speech week." yiannopoulos plans to speak 3 of the 4 days. other confirmed
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speakers include: his former breitbart boss -- steve bannon.. author ann coulter.. and fired google engineer james damore. more from u-c berkeley coming up at 6:30. three women... who say they quit their jobs at google in frustration... now accuse the company of systematic discrimination. and they are taking the search giant to court. a lawsuit filed today seeks class action status. the suit says google pays women less than men for similar work. it also claims the company puts women in jobs that are less likely to lead to promotions. kpix five's devin fehely explains the allegations... and what google is saying in response. is google one of the most well- respected, innovative, forward-looking companies on the planet? or is it a place where the education, ability and accomplishments of women are systematically undervalued? if the class-action lawsuit filed today is to be believed... it is perhaps a little bit of both. the three women say they had very similar experiences in what they describe as google's "sexist culture." : lower pay and less opportunity for advancement. sot a spokesperson for google says they've tried to create a culture free of all forms of discrimation. and they say their hiring and promotion process has checks and balances in place that should prevent gender bias. this is a class- action lawsuit. that means if a judge certifies it, that will automatically open it up to all current and former female google employees. in mountain view, devin fehely, kpix 5. new at six: women who have worked in tech have stories of persistent gender
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bias. and they tell our len ramirez... it stems from a bigger problem... that the industry still needs to solve. [nats] men and women work side by side in silicon valley...but not all is equal. [sot super: rita renner/clean tech consultant ]"i would say at this point in my career i'm probably ninety
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cents to the dollar versus a man." rita renner went into consulting after a 32 year career in silicon valley, mostly around the clean- tech industry. she said her eye opening moment was the time she had terminate one of her male subordinates. [sot]"you discover through exit paperwork that they make more money than you. and that person is a man who has the same or fewer responsibilities than you. it's pr d no clude that that's gender discrimination." she says pay equity is part of a larger problem: the lack of diversity in silicon valley. it's a workforce that s largely male and white. one female ceo calls it a "bro" culture... that makes it hard for women to fit in... especially in the engineering or executive tracks. [sot]"what i hear often is they feel excluded." ari horie is the ceo and founder of the women's startup lab...a silicon valley tech incubator that seeks to prepare women to lead their own companies. [sot super: ari horie/women's startup lab]"when you're not in that conversation and network, you don't get noticed even though you're delivering extraordinary results. these are systematic issues that come in and end up causing women to leave the workplace." renner says its a solvable problem...that would make companies stronger. [sot]"silicon valley is great at innovating. so why can't it innovate new ways to work together?" she says silicon valley has talked the talk about diversity and gender equity for a long time...but is still struggling to be inclusive. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. a bill to ban the practice of "lunch shaming," is heading to that individual is a man with a few are or so responsibilities than your self, it is pretty tough to conclude that that is discrimination. >> she says pay equity is part of the larger problem, it is a workforce that is largely male and white. one female ceo calls it a bro culture that makes it hard for
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women to fit in in the engineering or executive tracks. >> what i hear often is they feel excluded. >> reporter: ary is the ceo and founder of a tech company, incubator, that propels women to lead their own companies. >> when you are not in that conversation and network, you also may not be noticed even though you are delivering extraordinary results. it is an issue that comes in, where the woman leaves the workplace. >> reporter: some say it is a solvable problem that would make companies stronger. >> the valley is great at innovating. why not innovate new ways to work together? >> reporter: she says silicon valley has talked the talk about gender diversity and equity for a long time but is still struggling to be inclusive. in san jose, kenneka jenkins -- in san jose, len ramirez. lunch shaming, some area
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districts have stopped the practice. the bill that passed the senate also requires schools to help families sign up for free or reduced lunch programs. a new study finds that san francisco is a danger zone when it comes to distracted drivers, and children are at risk. we are live at an elementary school where researchers say is a hotspot. >> reporter: that's right. they say bessie carmichael is one of the most dangerous places for distracted drivers in the country. but also according to this study, if your child goes to school in san francisco county, they, too, are at risk. >> you look over and you see somebody's head down, phone in their hands. >> reporter: parents picking up their students at bessie carmichael elementary school in san francisco say they say people -- see people texting
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and driving every day. >> there is always somebody on the phone, they are going slow, you pass by them, they are doing something with the phone. it is terrible. >> reporter: leticia humphrey says she isn't surprised to learn this school is one of the most dangerous places for distracted drivers in the country. a new study by san francisco start up, then drive, shows san francisco is one of the worst places in the entire united states for distracted drivers. only new york city is worse. in san francisco, 162 of 345 schools received a failing grade, according to the zen drive study. that is 47% of schools. only two of san francisco's schools received an "a." >> we looked at aggressive driving and distracted driving. things like texting, talking on the phone, as well as when you are slamming on the brake. >> reporter: the public policy director for zen drive says san francisco's scores have a lot
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to do with it being a metropolitan area. a study in light 75,000 schools coast to coast and revealed 88% of americans admit to using their phones while driving. bessie carmichael schools are the fourth worst in the country for distracted drivers. >> it would be nice if people would stay off of their phones when in the presence of children and they can be in danger. >> reporter: now, if you're interested in seeing how your child's school compares, we have a link to the study on our website, new body camera video of a police officer inside of a ghost ship warehouse party years before the deadly fire. >> you need to get everybody out of this place and turn your music down. >> his threats to shut the place down that were never followed through. and, a bay area city seeing more close encounters with coyotes, and cats are a big target. a special patio makeover that can keep your friends safe. and, the raiders new
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sensation has had quite the journey to the nfl. how he is helping younger players learn the power of persistence. i have not seen this guy this blue or beautiful in a long time. humidity is down, air quality is great, and a very pleasant thursday. but, it is thursday. we want this stuff over the weekend. will we get it? the answer in your seven-day forecast, next. injury rates among youth sports are on the rise. here are three tips to keep your kids safe. include static and dynamic stretching your warm up. incorporate speed, and take a break. injury rates increase significantly with year-round sports competition.
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the dangerous conditions at the dangerous conditions at the "ghost ship" warehouse... nearly
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two years before that deadly fire. "i will be talking to the city, and we'll be dealing with this place." (marked) an oakland police officer saw the dangerous conditions of the ghost ship warehouse nearly 2 years before the deadly fire. >> we talked to the city and we will be dealing with this place. >> newly released body cam video capture the scene inside of the building in 2015, but apparently, the officer's report was never acted on. here's more of the video that is now prompting a fresh round of questions. >> reporter: within the last hour, the oakland police department fired back at the notion that the officer failed to do his job, and that he was responsible for the fatal fire. they say the officer did everything he was trained to do. >> this is the police! >> reporter: an officer banging on the ghost ship warehouse rolling metal gate to stop an illegal rave.
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>> get everybody out of the house and turn your music down. >> understood. we are having a private event. >> it doesn't matter. it is almost 2:00 in the morning. >> reporter: the east bay times obtained this video from the oakland police department, showing the interaction between officer hector chavez and a music promoter which happened march 1, 2015. apparently, somebody flagged down the officer, saying drugs and alcohol were being sold. neighbors also complained about the noise. >> i will report this to the city. i have a person who told me you guys are charging $25 to get in. i imagine you don't have a permit. i will be talking to the city. >> reporter: officer chavez wrote a police report detailing the encounter but apparently, it never made it to the building inspectors. the police said the officer did his job. they believe it was the city's responsibility to give that report to the right people. the east bay times reports officers responded to this building 35 times, between mid- 2014, and december 2016.
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for things like illegal dance parties, theft, drug sales, allegations of rape, and illegal housing. they also report other city and county agencies visited the building multiple times before the fire. but, no one said anything to building inspectors, or did anything to shut it down. the master tenant, derek, and tenant, max harris, are facing criminal charges. their attorneys say this piece of evidence is a game changer. >> we can point the finger at the government for not doing their job. >> they have a duty to report and follow up and they did not. they sat on their hands. >> the police department said the police report just sat on the computer system, never forwarded to the appropriate agency. that is because back in 2015, those unpermitted events were considered low level, low priority -- infraction. after the ghost ship fire, the police department put in a new protocol, that type of
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infraction now goes to the appropriate city agency. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. we've learned the three suspects accused in a deadly shooting committed with a police officer's stolen gun are all undocumented. all three appeared in court where they were denied bail. prosecutors say the three shot and killed 23-year-old able esquibel as he walked home from work last night. it is one of three shootings and five robberies the d.a. says the men are connected to. this shooting came three days after the gun was stolen from the unnamed officer's personal car. now, state law requires guns being transported in vehicles to be unloaded and locked up. it is unclear if the officer had done that. new at 6:00, coyotes are now a common sight in many bay area neighborhoods. but, this change is raising new concern for cat -- pet owners. >> reporter: santa cruz's newest call of the wild is coming to a neighborhood near you.
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surveillance cameras and cell phones are capturing encounters with coyotes all over the city. no, we are not talking about the mountains. they are now being spotted in busy urban areas. >> you have gotten so many calls about coyotes that you don't either bother tracking it. >> reporter: jen walker at the santa cruz county animal shelter says it is no longer unusual to see coyotes strolling through downtown. walker says years of drought have forced the coyotes into the neighborhoods, looking for food and water. as a result, for several generations of coyotes, this is the only home they have ever known. >> i don't think they are going anywhere. they are opportunists, just like most other animals, they found a good niche and are likely to be here to stay. >> often times, encounters are tragic. these photos of a coyote eating a cat in santa cruz were taken 10 years ago. the most recent report of a coyote attacking a cat happened last week in nearby socal. >> we want to keep our pets out of the food chain. we want to be respectful of
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wildlife. we want to take steps to keep them and our pets safe and again, to respect the environment around us. >> reporter: one way to do that is a dedicated cat patio, calls, what else, a catio. these can be made for $100. fancy ones can cost several thousand. whatever you choose, the point is, forecast to get outside in fresh air and sunshine and not be a victim. >> go back to eating the roses, which they are so important for. we don't want them to become dependent on pets to eat, we want to keep them safe, and keep the cats and birds safe. they are a simple answer for everybody. >> reporter: in santa cruz, kiet do, kpix 5. a positive step for bay area dog owners to walk their dogs off leash. an amendment just passed in the house of representatives to protect off leash dog walking in the golden gate national recreation area was sponsored by san mateo congresswoman,
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jackie spear, to prevent the national park service from researching the practice. they manage areas such as stinson beach, there was, kristi beach, and lands end. it has been pretty nice out there but is it going to last through the weekend? >> thankfully, the answer to that is yes. friday eve, got to get through the weekend, the weather will hold with blue skies and low humidity. no storms, no bad air quality, no record heat. we are just fine. highs today looking at the 80s in napa, that's about it. concord, 76. redwood city, you hit 75. fremont, 72, and san francisco, plenty of sunshine cleaning off of the salesforce tower right now but a chilly high of 66 degrees. lafayette art and wine festival up and down lafayette boulevard, saturday and sunday -- , sunny and mild. 80 degrees will be your temperature next weekend. and, the raiders home opener on kpix 5 is 1:00 kickoff, their hosting the just, they're going for 2-0, i think they will do
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it. mainly sunny, nice day for football. 71 degrees, your kickoff temperature. what change? pesky area of low temperature, still causing thunderstorms and rough weather around the low, it is no longer close to us. new area of low pressure diving down from the gulf of mexico, or from the gulf of alaska. that is giving us a dry, pleasant, northwest flow of air. something we have not seen in about two weeks. low humidity and comfortable outside. minimal fog overnight, you will notice, get up tomorrow morning, it is nice and clear. oakland, 57, san francisco, 57, and livermore down at 58. we are sunny and mild, 53 degrees milder than today. temperatures making it into the low 80s inland. and livermore, 81, concord, 82, gorgeous day in san jose, napa, 82 degrees, san francisco and oakland, right around 70. minor changes, warmer over the
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weekend but the overall theme of pleasant, dry, good-looking september weather will continue. cooler next week with highs in the 70s inland, watch out for lows in the 40s overnight next week. >> thank you. the big buzz about a bay area hipster favorite. blue bottle coffee sells a majority of the stick to nestli. the big question, will they still be cool? the raiders defense might be better than advertised, thanks to a kid from auburn. and, are the 49ers still must see tv? pete carroll's reaction is next. as bart enters middle age, we found it's one-off design will be challenging to update. >> the cars are unique, the wheels are unique. the power system is unique. >> a train controlled by a computer system that has never had a single software up great, since the day bart started rolling. >> while it is also maxed out for capacity. expect original reporting from
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kpix 5 news. expect more.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, 0001
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magnitude around 1 . just getting word of a third earthquake in the alan rock area. this one is 3.4 -- 3.4 in the alan rock area. we received several reports of shaking and rattling, but we're going to stay on top of this. so far there is no damage. as soon as we get more details in, we'll bring them to you. >> we'll get your attention, right dennis. >> i'll get your attention. it wasn't long ago that seattle and the sea haus were rivalries. that's no longer the case. they wouldn't even call it a rivalry anymore. >> if i were to answer that, i would answer that wrong. >> jim is not the only one
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missing from the rooil ree. seattle has lost seven straight games from the 49ers. don't tell san francisco the rivalry is over. >> did you say over? nothing is over until we decide it is. >> we don't like them, and they don't like us. that's the nature of the sport. we both want to win. we both need to win. we are both 0-1. somebody is going to 2 and i don't want it to be us -- to be 0-2. . oakland had an opening win on sunday thanks to tackle eddie va nderos. >> it's big time noup. all in my locker, man, taking of
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space. >> he knows a third round pick played more like a first round knocking down marcus a couple of times. he stepped right into the starting roll and clearly enjoys tackling running backs as opposed to taking final exams. >> i go to class every day, you don't have to try to balance both. it's not an extra benefit. it's like i can now have people send me product and i don't have to worry about a repercussion. >> sounds like a happy locker room, doesn't it. get away day at fenway, andrew hitsz one high off the green monster to drive in the go ahead run. it's the a's 49th loss on the road. the most in the american league. alabama is favored by four
6:27 pm
touchdowns this weekend in colorado state. >> i don't mind you asking a question, but i don't need to answer it. but i will call colorado state and tell them exactly what we want to do as soon as i get out of here. i know mike bob o, his dad lives by my house. so i call them up and tell them who we're playing, when, how long, when we're putting him in. tell him the whole thing. is that all with you? so you can call hip and find out. >> what a jerk. >> coming up in the next half hour, par kayeds up at uc -- barricades up at uc be. >> daca deal or no deal. mixed message about pup's agreement with the democrats and backlash from his own party. >> the early scoop on the museum
6:28 pm
of ice cream before it opens to the public.
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conservative speaker ben shapiro takes the stage on the cal campus in half an hour. meanwhile, police are taking unprecedented measur . our top story at 6:30. ben schapiro takes the stage on
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the cal campus in half-an-hour. meanwhile police are taking unprecedented measures to keep things peaceful. we are going to begin with emily turner. she is in the middle of that loud protest outside. one arrest, emily? what's the latest? >> reporter: so far everything has remained peaceful. a crowd is gathering around someone on a microphone talking about ben schapiro's speech. you can see just how big this crowd has gotten. a lot of the onlookers are here to see what's happening, not as much to protest. it's interesting also to know that there are three levels of security. we talked with one gentleman who is on his way inside just before he went through the gate. >> i'm all open for free spech. that's what this is all back. whether you are left or the
6:32 pm
right you should be able to speak about your opinion. i think we should get together and talk about our issues rather than argue about none sense. >> reporter: back out -- non sense. >> reporter: back out here live, i want to show you the barricades. the police are dressed in riot gear ready for whatever will happen. right now it looks peaceful. we hope it will continue to be that way. they have this barricade in place just in case anything happens. you have to have a ticket to get to the other side. and you also have to be searched if you do, in fact, cross that barricade. reporting live in berkley, emily turner. >> thanks. now let's about g to andrea. -- now let's go to andrea. she's inside. you found out firsthand how hard it is to get in. >> reporter: yeah, emily was not exaggerating about the layers of security to get back
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in zellerbach right now. the crowd was starting to build and it is looking like a looily debate here when the former editor starts -- like a lively debate here when the editor starts to speak. we have to pick up special credentials for the day. we also have to have our tickets. once you have those tickets, you have to be searched by campus security as well as mutual aid and many other police departments from northern california. we've seen stamford sheriff's department here as well. all awaiting for ben schapiro to speak. right now the crowd inside sgleger back hall is about -- zellerbach hall is about half full. we are waiting right now for ben
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schapiro to speak. we'll more tonight on kpix news at 11:00. >> thank you. the city of san jose has filed a lawsuit against the trump administration's plan to end daca. >> the federal government promised 800,000 young men and women that if they provided information to the government about their legal status and their identity, that they would be protected from deportation. these are some of our bright est students. these are city -- bright est students. these are city employees. >> the mair says san jose is the first city to file a lawsuit over daca. the future of daca still newspaper the air. the president and democrat leaders are moving closer to a deal that would allow citizens to stay in the country. >> we are going to be talking about this for probably several weeks. broadly speaking the president and leaders of both parties say
6:35 pm
they are discussing two things. one, making the daca program permanent, and two, allocating more money for border security. but this deal is not going as smoothly as the last one. >> we agreed to a plan to work out an agreement to protect our nation's dreamers from deportation. >> for the second time in two weeks, a deal negotiated by democrat leaders, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and republican president trump. >> we insisted that the bipartisan dream act the would be the basis for the protection and we would review border security measures that do not include building a wall. >> the president insisted that republican leaders are on board. >> you all feel, well, 92% of the people agree on daca. but what we want is very
6:36 pm
powerful border security. >> the daca law they are demanding demands citizenship. >> we are not looking at citizenship. we are not looking at amnesty. we are looking at allowing people to stay here. >> still, many of president trump supporters are enraged. full right common tatar tweeted at this point who doesn't want trump impeached. >> i think trump is playing a dangerous game with his bait right now. >> there is a risk to donald trump that he might get so addicted to getting deals done in washington using democrat support, that he could alienate his base and end up pleasing no one. because the democrat i can voter is ner -- democratic voter is never going to say i think donald trump is a great president. the democrats have
6:37 pm
never where to go -- have nowhere to go but up. every gain that the democrats make benefits not just her but the entire country. >> the democrats in congress have no one to blame but himself. >> i think what donald trump is realizing in his first few months in office is he really hasn't been able to get anything done in just relying on the republicans. >> the border wall is not part of negotiations. some are posting picture videos of make america great against hats on fire. just hours after threatening to sink japan and reduce the s mainland to ash and darkness. krooe's military says it was launched from tt airport and
6:38 pm
flew over japan before landing in the ocean. now a possible response to un sanctions. bartenders fight back after a teen attack. >> a coffee -- a new chain bought by pepsi. they tell us what customers can expect.
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6:40 pm
mob-style attacks on trains earlier this year. they happened at the oakland . six people are suing bart saying they were the victims of violent mob style attacks on trains this year. they happened at the oakland coliseum station. groups of teenagers swarmed traens, beat of passengers and then -- swarmed trains, beat up passengers and stole their cell phones. >> these are not sophisticated criminals. these are just kids in the
6:41 pm
neighborhood that jump on bart, grab phones and run off. >> neighbors want to find out who exactly in the bart organization is responsible for passenger s. bar inn -- under a propose add ordinance bart officer would scan everyone's ticket or clipper card to make sure they paid to get into the station. ticket cheat ers fine $120 for adults and $60 for sprinklers. >> it's the hottest ticket since hamilton. a sneak peek at the ice cream museum before it opens its door. we have weather to talk about. did you feel how comfortable it was outside. will we keep it for the week understand? a look at san francisco and points south.
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your forecast next.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises,
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like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. corporate giant. but kpix 5s john ramos explains how the deal for blue bottle co . yet another be loved bay
6:45 pm
area business -- be loved bay area business is being taken over by a corporate giant. >> blue bottle coffee shops are so cool they don't even put their name on the front of the building. you have to know they're there. so, there were bound to be concerns about today's announcement that the company has been sold to necess. >> -- nestle. >> a friend told me that this may be the last day with the blue bottle. >> but says hopefully not says the company's founder and ceo, because even though they bought a controlling interest in blue bottle, it came with a unique agreement. >> this will be the first time in u.s. history that a company they invested in will remain a stand alone. so it will not be merged into the nestle business.
6:46 pm
>> the company will maintain its founder's philosophy of maining tang a fresh. they only get beans during peak time. >> it's in the the smartest way to serve coffee, but thes' the way we believe is most delicious. >> the $100 million they will invest in the next two years will give blue bottle financial stability so they can focus on making coffee. they promise this deal will be no reason to keep coffee drinks ers up at night. >> there is not going to be any nesquick coffee sold. there is a new museum coming to san francisco and you may want to eat your way through it. >> we are talking about the
6:47 pm
museum of ice cream. you can expect to see giant push pops and candies and a pathway made of glitter. it made its way through los angeles and new york, but this one is inspired by san francisco. >> it will have our nostalgia. the rainbow room is inspired bi. >> tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. some shaking in the bout bay today. in the past 30 minutes a earthquake ral he willed the allen rock neighborhood. lots of people reported feeling the shaking today, but no reports of damage. >> lots of people writing in, right, paul? >> yes. twitter i got about five responses in about 3 or
6:48 pm
4 minutes. you can feel a 3.4. jashgs has ssh san jose has a -- san jose has a million people. the warm spot is santa rosa, 78. san francisco sunshine 64. oakland 66 and kind of a surprise, livermore below 70 degrees. the coastal clean up day is saturday and sunday. pitch in and keep our beaches as beautiful as they are. when you're done by that, stop by a wine festival. tech turs in the 70s on saturday. let humid air can cool off mr efficiently. we will see that play out tonight. we lost the humidity. concord 58. napa and santa rosa low to mid 50s. it's the location whereof the low is. we had a low to the south that
6:49 pm
fed in the unstable air, gave us thunderstorms and humidity. this one in the location now to the north gives us a dry northwest flow of air. whole different kind of will from the same weather element. that northwest flow will be prevalent for the next couple of days. lower humidity. afternoon sunshine. necessary weather to get outside much the sticky stuff rg the raen chances are gone for the foreseeable future -- sticky stuff, the rain chances are gone for the foreseeable future. tomorrow afternoon, absolutely gorgeous way to start your week understand. we transition to a cooler pat earn on sunday. and next week we'll call it a taste of fall. it's not going to be cold but some lows away from the water could drop to the 40s. beautiful day in the santa clara valley as long as the ground
6:50 pm
stops shaking. midz 60s at the beach. wall nut creek you'll have a high of 80 degrees. nice day in san bruno with highs around 72 for you. oakland 71. low 80s neva do. warm spot will be st. helene a coming in at -- helen a. -- helena coming in at 78 78 degrees. the low 70s inland, yes, there is an opportunity for some lows in the 40s next week. coming up, a high school campus is still buzzing about george yoe del vecchio. -- georgiodel vecchio. >> tonight u , could you
6:51 pm
rate your employer when it comes to gender equality, what grade would you give them snp i will be reading your answers tonight at 11:00. -- give them? i will be reading your answers tonight at 11:00.
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6:54 pm
. talk about the raiders. >> it's a grate story. local store -- great story. local kid makes good five later. >> del vecchio waited five years for his debut last saturday. and for the fans it was well worth the wait jiem' so used to his little stroll when he goes out on the field. >> reporter: coming from a country shaped like a boot. he always thought he would make his mark kicking soccer balls. but del vecchio made his way to macy's football team. >> if i could kick every now and then so i could go to the team barbecue. >> when he came to the sideline, all the kids were saying, in this sport you have to kick it
6:55 pm
over that bar. >> he eventually became one of the best kickers. >> because the italian being spoken in the family, you would think he was right off the ship coming here. he would get the hands moving and the talking, and, you know, he really played tup. you also think --- almost thought he was doing a chakt you don't remember of an identity -- character of an italian. >> in the cougars team room hangs a packers jersey one of the few teams in five years to reject del vecchio. but he kept coming back to a place free of rejection to work on his game. >> i think georgio had a thing to do with the soccer kids coming our way now. >> one of --. >> reporter: one of those kids
6:56 pm
is sepchl pe. >> i wouldn't be the same kicker i am today without him. >> reporter: del vecchio still plans on being a part time coach so he could watch seppe drill a couple of field goals. >> i could only imagine how he was feeling if i have butter flies in my stomach. >> reporter: del vecchio is the only person from macy's program to take nfc snap. >> he is basically interviewing for the starting job. if he kicks well the next seven weeks, he's not giving that job back. >> i love the story, persistence pays off. >> exactly. five years waiting. he finally got a chance. you can see us back here tonight
6:57 pm
at 11. >> good night.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are you? how you all doing? how you all doing? thank you very much. i appreciate you all. thank you all very much. i appreciate you, folks. yeah, i do. thank you all very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, we got another good one for you today. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from minneapolis, minnesota, it's the champs. it's the hall family! man: yeah! come on! let's go! go! let's go! yeah! steve: and from atlanta, georgia...
7:00 pm
big hand for these people! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and get this name right. somebody might drive outta here in a brand-new car. let's go meet 'em! [cheering and applause] jennifer, how you doing? jennifer: i'm good, steve. it's an honor to meet you. steve: it's--it's an honor to meet you all, whoever y'all are. please pronou-- jennifer: it's sah-lah-zah-dah. very easy. woman: ha ha! jennifer: sah-lah-zah-dah. steve: sah-lah-zah-dah. i got to try to remember that. jennifer: whoo! steve: good name. name sound good. sah-lah-zah-dah. jennifer: strong name. steve: what do you do for a living, jennifer? jennifer: well, i live in atlanta, and i actually work for granger. i'm an account manager. i do sales for them, but on my personal time, i enjoy to dance. i like to dance and travel and


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